Okay, gotta go get groceries today.

It’s so grey outside, but I gotta do it. Should probably clean the fridge out first. Don’t want to come back with a bunch of groceries and put them in a gross fridge. While I’m cleaning I can also see if I need more Hoisin sauce. But I’m hungry. Definitely need to eat before I go. Shouldn’t shop on an empty stomach. I won’t be able to carry it all back HAHAHA.

Yes, I’ll clean the fridge, then eat, then walk to the store.

But it’s leg day. So I should eat, then clean the fridge, then work out, then go to the store.

But I’ll have to shower after the gym. Should I shower there or come back home to shower? No, shower there. Okay, gotta pack my gym bag. Ugh...I hate these shorts for working out, but my black ones stink.

I’ll pack my gym bag with my ugly shorts, eat, clean the fridge, make a grocery list, take down a load of laundry to the basement on my way to the gym, shower, come back, put the laundry in the dryer, drop off my gym bag, pick up my reusable bags, take out the fridge garbage, walk to the grocery store, shop, come home, put the groceries away, make dinner (something healthy), and watch some TV.

Not a bad day. I can write tomorrow, and I’m booked up all day on Wednesday, so I should really get this done today.

Fuck, it’s snowing. Maybe I won’t go to the gym today.

Oops I opened Instagram.

Oops it’s dark out now.

Oops I’m on the couch.

Oops I’ve ordered pizza.

Oops I’m in bed.

Oops it’s tomorrow.

Okay, gotta get groceries today…